Startup Perth

Startup Perth

Amplifying startups and innovators in Western Australia


Startup Perth is tweeting every few hours, promoting WA based startups and innovators. Join over 18,000 followers on Twitter.


Promote your startup to 18,500+ people and support the Startup Perth mission.


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Promote your startup

Startup Perth has been publishing content daily on our Twitter account since August 2015, building an audience of over 18,600 followers and more than 94,000 impressions per month.

It is literally the most followed Twitter account covering startups and innovation in Western Australia, and one of the most engaged in Australia.

Startup Perth enjoys a large audience of highly engaged followers, who are interested in technology, innovation and startups and are high-income earners. They include venture capitalists, founders, media and investors.

Support the mission
Here’s your chance to help support the Startup Perth mission of amplifying news and branding of Western Australian innovation. Startup Perth costs money every month to run, and I would appreciate any donation you can offer.

If your startup is being promoted, or if you just want to support the work I am doing, please click below to donate an amount by PayPal.